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Mobile-first communication tools are essential for speeding up your business. Organizations of all sizes can boost productivity by enabling employees to collaborate while out of the office using mobile IM, video conferencing and other forms of real-time communications. But many businesses are prohibited from realizing these benefits due to the usability and security shortcomings of existing products, most of which were designed for the desktop.

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Secure mobile messaging

Mobile messaging presents several security and compliance challenges, especially to organizations in regulated industries, such as government, financial services and healthcare. Concerns over data leakage, cyber surveillance and industrial espionage have forced some CIOs to restrict or even prohibit this popular and productivity-accelerating form of communication and collaboration.

Enhanced security

A mobile IM service should employ multiple layers of encryption to protect the content of IMs while in transit and at rest.

Engaging interface

While risk mitigation is paramount, IM solutions will not find an audience if they lack an engaging, easy-to-use interface.

Built for mobile

Processes built for a desktop environment rarely translate to a mobile one. IM apps built from the ground up for mobile make the best use of the limited real estate of mobile displays and the on-the-go mentality of mobile users.

Enterprise controlled

To keep your corporate information private, you must select a secure mobile IM solution that enables only the enterprise to decrypt information contained in IM exchanges. If any entity other than your organization possesses the capabilities to intercept or read secure messages, the solution is flawed.

EMM integration

An enterprise messaging service tightly integrated with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution saves you the cost of adding hardware to support a separate solution and reduces complexity by enabling mobile messaging policies, auditing and privileges to be managed through an existing and familiar administration console.

BBM Protected

To overcome CIO objections and address the key considerations above, BlackBerry introduced BBM™ Protected. BBM Protected provides an enhanced security model for BBM messages sent between BlackBerry smartphones, bringing regulated industries the most secure and reliable real-time mobile messaging experience in the industry


SecuSUITE® for Enterprise is a software-based solution that provides secure calling and text messaging on mobile devices, safeguarding your organization’s sensitive conversations against electronic eavesdropping.