WorkLife by BlackBerry

An easier way to manage BYOD and COPE devices.


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One employee. One phone.
Two separate lines.

WorkLife by BlackBerry® isn’t just split billing – it’s a new way to manage telecom expenses, protect employee privacy and control your company assets. And it couldn’t be easier. WorkLife by BlackBerry precisely distinguishes between work use and personal use of an iPhone, Android™ or BlackBerry® smartphone by introducing separate lines managed by the enterprise.

With WorkLife by BlackBerry, enterprises can easily add a separate corporate phone number to a personal device brought in by the employee (BYOD). WorkLife by BlackBerry® allows the enterprise to pay for the work line (voice, SMS and data) while allowing employees to keep their personal line for personal use.

One employee. One phone. Two separate lines.


Work lines are a company asset. Protect them.

Work lines are a company asset. Protect them.

When employees using a personal phone for work (BYOD) leave the company, they take their phone number with them—and customers, suppliers and other work contacts will keep calling the employee’s number, not the company’s. With WorkLife by BlackBerry, enterprises can assign a separate work number they own and control, and re-assign it to another employee device any time. Now work phone calls are made to the company, not the person.

Enable Employee Privacy & Flexibility

Enable employee privacy and flexibility

Today, BYOD employees have to give out their personal number to colleagues, customers, family and friends, blurring the lines between work and personal usage. With separate work and personal numbers, WorkLife by BlackBerry protects employee privacy. Employees can give their work number out to colleagues and customers and keep their personal line separate for personal contacts. When their phone rings – they can see which line the call is coming to and choose whether they want to answer a work call on the weekend or take a personal call during the work day.

Accuracy split voice, SMS and data charges

Accurately split voice, SMS and data charges

WorkLife by BlackBerry makes it easy to split the cost of voice minutes, SMS and data used for work vs. used for personal. Companies are automatically billed for work related usage on the work line while employees pay directly for their personal usage. With a simple switch, employees can choose which line they want to use when placing a phone call, sending an SMS or using data like browsing the web or using apps.

It costs, Rightsized

IT costs, rightsized

When companies provide employees with a pre-set BYOD stipend, it opens up possibilities for under or over paying for work use, and can even create tax issues as stipends may be seen as a taxable benefit. For organizations that have employees’ expense work minutes and data used, the time and cost associated with creating, filling and processing expense reports must be considered. WorkLife by BlackBerry simply and elegantly solves these problems, rightsizing company expenses for employee work lines through separate billing of work usage across voice, SMS and data.

One solution for iphone, Android and BlackBerry

One solution for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Organizations that have embraced BYOD find employees using a variety of devices, from iPhone, and Android to BlackBerry smartphones. WorkLife by BlackBerry works seamlessly in a cross-platform environment. Plus it will work with BES, BlackBerry® Balance, and Secure Work Space as well as other solutions for mobile device management and partitioning.

Cut third parties out of corporate data

Cut third parties out of corporate data

WorkLife by BlackBerry eliminates the need for proxy servers used to split out work and personal data. Not only do proxy servers slow down data transfer, resulting in a poor employee experience, but they require companies to open their company data up to a third party. In addition, proxy servers aren’t always accurate and can result in incorrectly attributed device usage.

Bring a personal line to a work device

Bring a personal line to a work device

For organizations that use a device deployment model where the company owns the phone and allows employees to personally enable it (corporate owned, personally enabled, or COPE), WorkLife by BlackBerry can help, too. The company can allow employees to attach a personal number as a second line to a corporate device and have all the costs associated with personal voice, SMS and data usage charged directly to the employee.

Freedom to Roam

Freedom to roam

Data and voice charges are often highest when employees are roaming – but other split billing solutions don’t always work in roaming scenarios, resulting in ineffective cost attribution and management. WorkLife by BlackBerry is unique as it works in all scenarios, even when roaming.

Addressing a changing legal landscape

Data, SMS and voice

While data usage is a growing problem for BYOD, voice and SMS usage can create substantial costs, in particular when roaming. Separating corporate data usage on BYOD phones simply isn’t enough. WorkLife by BlackBerry is a complete solution offering separate billing for all mobile communication charges, including voice, SMS and data. And because the separate corporate number managed with WorkLife by BlackBerry is a regular voice line provided by the mobile operator, calls will feature the same crystal-clear quality your customers expect.

Getting WorkLife by BlackBerry

WorkLife by BlackBerry will be available through mobile operators. Enterprises wishing to purchase it should do so through their operator.