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Stronger, more cost-efficient security

Legacy two-factor authentication solutions, whether they employ hard tokens or soft tokens, often result in a complicated user experience and high operating costs.

Strong Authentication by BlackBerry® leverages your existing iOS®, Android™, and BlackBerry® devices to deliver a simple, modern user experience that protects your organization’s critical systems, results in far fewer helpdesk calls, and doesn’t compromise on security.

Strong Authentication by BlackBerry is offered as a part of the Good Secure Mobility Suite

Key Benefits

Easier Provisioning, Management, and Support

Strong Authentication by BlackBerry has a simple activation procedure, even on personally-owned devices or devices managed by other MDM solutions. No hardware tokens to ship or seed files to manage.

Recovering PINs, resetting or replacing tokens, and supporting users can increase operational costs. Strong Authentication by BlackBerry uses existing passwords and never goes out of sync. It’s so easy to understand, users don’t get confused – they simply get access.

It’s What Users Expect

Users demand a great experience. They don’t want to remember PINs or manually copy numbers from one device to another. Strong Authentication by BlackBerry allows users to leverage a password they already use every day, along with a simple tap on the device of their choice. It’s what they expect from a modern security solution.


Strong Authentication by BlackBerry provides two-factor user authentication via a password and a user’s device. The password employed is one they already know, such as their Active Directory password, or even their device password. The device is validated using Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA), unlike other solutions employing consumer-grade SMS.

Connection to your internal systems is provided via the Strong Authentication by BlackBerry Server and BES® – even for devices that aren’t managed under BES.

Strong Authentication by BlackBerry is offered as a part of the Good Secure Mobility Suite

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