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Single Sign-On to cloud services


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Single Sign-On from Anywhere, on Any Device

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry® makes it easy for users to access cloud applications from any device, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry®, as well as traditional computing platforms. This capability is tightly integrated with BES®12, unifying industry-leading EMM with the entitlement and control of all your cloud services.

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry is offered as a part of the Good Secure Mobility Suite.

Key benefits

One identity, single sign-on

One identity. Single sign-on. Lots of happy, productive employees.

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry makes it easy for users – whether internal or external – to access applications like Google Apps, Salesforce, and Box from any mobile or traditional device. A unified identity delivers single sign-on access to cloud services, eliminating multiple passwords and logins. IT management of identities across third-party SaaS systems is drastically reduced.

Trust the proven, Global Infrastructure millions rely on

Integrated with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Tight integration with BES12 means that Enterprise Identity can do things other SSO solutions cannot. It’s simple to bundle mobile app binaries with SSO entitlements, then assign them to users and groups with a single click. Apps appear on user mobile devices, and they can log in immediately without needing another password.

Protect your directory

Protect your directory

Unlike solutions that force you to copy your directory or even user passwords into the cloud, Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry allows your most sensitive data to stay on-premises. Directory integration is unified with all other BlackBerry solutions via BES12, and a single, secure connection to the cloud is maintained—even if you use dozens of cloud services.

trust the proven, global infrastructure millions rely on

Trust the proven, global infrastructure millions rely on

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry is powered by the BlackBerry secure global infrastructure, and built on top of a proven global Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that securely manages over 150 million identities and hundreds of millions of identity transactions each day.

Easy to deploy

Easy to integrate. Easy to deploy.

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry hooks into your existing BES12, delivering management via a single console that you can have running in minutes. The identity infrastructure is in the cloud, freeing you from having to manage, secure, and scale your own backend. Cloud services are integrated via industry-standard SAML, and a range of pre-integrated services mean you can be up and running quickly.

  1. 1 Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

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