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Discover more privacy, more control and more options in the BlackBerry Enterprise Product Portfolio.

Change is Good

We’re constantly updating the products in the BlackBerry® Enterprise Portfolio.

The integration of Good Technology’s solutions and services to the BlackBerry platform delivers the most comprehensive, secure and unified mobile platform and app ecosystem on the market.

The Good Secure EMM Suites offer a trusted end-to-end approach to security, and allow organizations to support a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android™, Samsung KNOX™, Android™ for Work, Windows®, Windows Phone®, and BlackBerry.

Manage even more mobile endpoints with BES12

BES®12 allows you to securely manage mobile devices and other endpoints across different operating systems and ownership models (personally owned or corporate liable devices).


  • Unified Enrollment with Good products – Integrated enrollment with Good Dynamics brings together the world's leading MDM solution and the world's leading secure mobile application platform. Users can enroll once and take advantage of both capabilities, substantially improving user experience while maintaining bulletproof security.
  • BlackBerry Secure Gateway – Exchange ActiveSync Proxy leverages BlackBerry Secure Connection for improved security when accessing email behind-the-firewall from the native iOS email client.
  • BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus for iOS – BlackBerry Secure Connectivity can be configured as a device-wide or per-app VPN on iOS 9.
  • Cisco ISE support – Integration with Cisco ISE helps organizations control access to key network resources, including Wi-Fi® and VPN.
  • Application Management on Windows 10 – Organizations can now control apps on Windows® 10.
  • Integration with OpenTrust – Integration with OpenTrust provides an additional PKI option.
  • MDM support for OS X – Activate OS X devices using BES12 Self-Service, assign profiles to users (including IT policies, work email, Wi-Fi, VPN, proxy, certificates, and SCEP), and send IT administration commands.


  • ActiveSync gatekeeping – Prevents unauthorized devices from using Exchange ActiveSync, ensuring only devices that are managed and compliant can gain access to work email and PIM.
  • Samsung KNOX Workspace – Samsung KNOX support enhances the options for controls on the Android platform, enabling an IT controlled workspace on devices and building on BlackBerry's cross-platform support.
  • Private app management – BES12 Cloud now supports private app management.
  • Group directory sync support – BES12 Cloud now supports group directory sync.
  • Spanish localization – BES12 Cloud now offers Spanish localization.

More protection against electronic eavesdropping


The next era in secure mobility is here with secure voice and text

SecuSUITE® for Enterprise safeguards against electronic eavesdropping by securing calls and text messaging on mobile devices, across iOS, Android and BlackBerry® 10.1


Designed to protect national security

SecuSUITE for Government is designed to meet the most stringent needs of governments and regulated industries, by providing end-to-end protection against electronic eavesdropping and third party attacks for all voice calls and data.


BBM® Protected is designed for enterprise and protects data end-to-end, in transit and at rest for BBM messages sent between iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.


  • Team Chat – Organizational teams, can now create context-specific, secure BBM collaboration sessions. Simply assign a subject to the Team Chat session to keep track of what’s important, stay productive and enhance what you can accomplish with your team.
  • Priority Messaging – BBM Protected users can now label BBM Protected messages sent within a conversation as High Priority. These messages appear in red to notify BBM Protected users of the high priority
  • Delivered and Read Notifications in Multi-Person Chats – BBM Protected users can see which contacts within a multi-person chat have read their messages. This new enhancement to Multi-Person Chats works to improve secure communications, by enabling enhanced engagement within, between and outside of organizational teams.
  • IT Administrator Policy: Restrict Copy and Paste – IT Administrators can now restrict company employees from using copy and paste functionalities within a BBM Chat through the Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry IT Admin Console.

WatchDox Releases Enhanced e-Discovery integration

WatchDox by BlackBerry offers secure file sharing, with centralized access and usage control even after files are downloaded and shared. Securely connect people to the files they need, on any platform or any device, including web, desktop and mobile.

What’s new in the latest WatchDox release?

  • Support for Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform – Deploy and use the WatchDox mobile application within the Good Work container.
  • WatchDox added to the Good Secure Content Suite – Good and BES12 EMM users can now have the added benefit of WatchDox, the leader in secure EFSS solutions, included in the Good Secure Content Suite.
  • BES12 integration – Management and license administration is simplified in a single console with BES12 integration.
  • Enhanced e-Discovery – Enhanced e-Discovery integration modules will now allow users to share DRM protected files via email while allowing compliance officers to audit documents with their original email context using their e-Discovery search interface.
  • Docs to Go integration – Expanded mobile file creation and editing capabilities are now available with with Documents To Go™ integration.
  • Sharepoint Protector – WatchDox extends the capabilities of your SharePoint repository, providing access via a “single pane of glass” and the added benefit of policy-based DRM protections that can be applied without affecting core SharePoint functionality.
  • Simplified WatchDox appliance server – Faster installations for smaller-scale on-premise deployments.
  1. 1 BlackBerry 10 v10.3.2 and later is recommended; Android 4.3 and later; iOS 7, iOS 8, and iPhone 5 and later.