Identity and access management

Secure, simple access to everything

Open a world of mobile opportunity that only BlackBerry can deliver through secure IAM

Great user experience.
IT control.

Great User Experience

Users and their identities are fundamental to mobility. Controlling access to applications and data, including content stored in the cloud, demands a user-centric approach to Identity and Access Management (IAM).

BlackBerry’s IAM solutions leverage our expertise in enterprise mobility to secure and simplify access to your organization’s critical systems and resources, making things easier for users and putting IT in full control.

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Single Sign-On for Cloud Services

Managing access to cloud services, whether they're SaaS or internal applications, can be a challenge for both employees and IT. Without a unified identity and Single Sign-On (SSO), employees face multiple passwords and cumbersome logins. For IT, this complex user access reduces control, placing data and compliance at risk.

Single identity

Federating user identities across cloud services enhances both security and user experience. BlackBerry’s approach delivers Single Sign-On (SSO) to applications on any user device, anywhere they need to use it.


BlackBerry’s leadership in enterprise mobile security means iOS, Android™, and of course BlackBerry® devices are strongly supported – guaranteeing user mobility.

Integration with EMM

Woven into the BES®12 console, Enterprise Identity allows simpler, more secure management of access to cloud services.

Increased security

Superior, safer directory integration and a proven, global infrastructure mean your users and data are protected to a degree not possible with other solutions.

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry® leverages BlackBerry’s experience managing millions of end user identities to solve your user mobility and single sign-on problems.


Two-factor user authentication

Providing employees with access to critical systems— from wherever they are working — has never been more vital to the success of a business. But securing such resources, especially using legacy token technology, often imposes financial, productivity and usability penalties.

Easier authentication

Two-factor authentication that leverages a mobile phone eliminates the need for employees to carry additional devices or memorize a password, while at the same time tightening security.

Integrated with EMM

Integrating user access with mobility management provides IT administrators with unmatched security. It also ensures high availability and scalability.

Simple and secure

By eliminating legacy one-time-password (OTP) solutions, enterprises can upgrade security with certificate-based authentication while providing employees with simplified access to critical systems while on the move.

Reduce Costs

IT spends considerable resources resetting passwords or replacing lost legacy tokens. Modern two-factor authentication using a mobile device can improve IT efficiency and reduce replacement expenses.

Strong Authentication by BlackBerry

BlackBerry offers Strong Authentication by BlackBerry®, an authentication solution that can reduce costs and eliminate usability issues associated with legacy token solutions.